Saturday, 3 February 2018

Delicious smoothie to start your day

This is just an idea for a smoothie as lots of my clients say that they do not have time to make breakfast before they go to work in the morning.  I prepare this the night before so it takes under a minute to make and pour into a drinks cup and take to work, no excuses!

I put in my smoothie for 2 people

2 bananas
large chunk ginger, I don't peel the ginger
3 medjool dates with the stones removed
I buy the following from
1 large scoop of vanilla protein powder
1 dessert spoon of cacao powder
1 large scoop of peanut butter, I use the crunchy one
1 large spoonful of coconut oil
optional apple, I just cut up into quarters but don't peel
few cubes of ice as tastes better cold
couple of glasses a water
Just mess around with the ingredients until you find the taste that suits you.

Blend above ingredients altogether.  This makes a delicious protein packed full of goodness and great for the bowel!

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