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Benefits of Colonic Hydrotherapy


The aim of colonics is to restore bowel function and regularity. If some one has too much old faecal matter in their bowels, their bowels will not work efficiently and even if a person embarks on a good diet and lifestyle, they may not notice any obvious changes in their well being if they have not had a bowel cleanse. Colon hydrotherapy treatments can result in many benefits both physical and emotional:-

A Gut Workout

  • Removing faecal matter enables the bowel muscle to work better. This helps with absorption of nutrients and the production of the B and K vitamins that the bowel requires for optimal functioning.
  • As better fermented heavier and moister stools are created, they give a better workout to the bowel muscle. A properly exercised muscle is more aware of the signals sent by the nerve endings, and delivers the stools through the rectum and anal canal for regular elimination.
  • With a more satisfactory release, the muscle remains in good shape, no plaque develops on the bowel walls and the effective absorption, assimilation and elimination continue.

Massage and support internal organs

  • The regular peristaltic action massages the stomach, spleen and liver and provides support to the small intestine and abdominal cavity organs. An oversized gut stifles rather than supports the organs.
  • A prolapsed transverse colon puts the whole of the abdominal cavity under pressure as well as the kidneys and abdomen which rely on the transverse colon for support.
  • Getting rid of the excess ‘baggage’ that constipated carry around in their bowels can relieve back and chest pain, help with the constant urge to urinate by reducing pressure on the bladder, stop heavy bleeding during periods and increase the chances of pregnancy.

Restore healthy brain - gut connection

  • Feelings of butterflies in the stomach and ‘gut feeling’ are examples of the brain – gut connection.
  • The water flow causes the bowel to evacuate wastes and this rebuilds the fundamental links that are compromised in so many people - the urge to open the bowel followed by immediate evacuation. The head and the gut remember it feeling natural and right and this re-establishes the neural pathway and the basic reflex which we were born with. 
  • Following treatments, often people find they ‘know better’ when to go and are more aware of the need to give themselves time to evacuate wastes.

Emotional Release

  • Colonic hydrotherapy helps people who bottle up their emotions to start the process of emotional clear out. 
  • Emotions on a basic level are electric charges. Storing a lot of negativity in the gut upsets the balance.
  • Getting rid of it may cause a person to feel upset or tearful but in others can also result in a feeling of ‘incredible lightness’ at every level -: physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual.
  • The emotional release during a colonic can be quite amazing! Often for those who find it normally difficult to let go, a colonic treatment can be the catalyst for emotions and wastes to leave the body together, creating space for new, positive emotions in the soul and for better absorption and assimilation in the body.

Mood Elevator

  • About 95% of the available serotonin, the neurotransmitter better known as the mood regulator is stored in the gut. 
  • The bowel and the head constantly exchange messages, although in most people 9 out of 10 messages are sent upwards, so in a way our gut determines our mood! When constipated, this is compromised.

The Second Brain

  • The bowel is often called the ‘second brain’ as the nervous system that operates the digestive system, can and should work independently from the head. 
  • Once a portion of food has been swallowed, the next time any conscious control is exercised over it is when we consciously open our bowel. The whole process of transforming food into nutrients and nutrients into our cells happens virtually with out involving the ‘head-brain’. So ‘listening to your body’ makes a lot of sense. 

But there are a lot of factors that shut down communication between the bowel and the brain -:

  • Not opening the bowels due to bad timing, shyness or dirty toilets.
  • Ignoring signs of satiety
  • Eating for pleasure, consolation or greed rather than to satisfy hunger.
  • Not chewing
  • Not hydrating.
So it is hardly surprising that the gut send messages upwards to say it is bloated, irritated, constipated, spastic and full of indigestible materials, which even bacteria refuse to deal with. Seratonin overflows, causing diarrhoea which turns off the serotonin receptors in the gut causing constipation. So this IBS cycle results in spasms and irritation of the bowel wall and the head brain receives lots of unhappy messages. 

Relieving Bowel Spasms

  • Where people suffer from IBS symptoms and the bowel is going into spasm day after day, virtually after every meal, it may be caused by the bacterial imbalance, mucosal wall irritation, inflammation and the presence of allergy triggers. Colonics done with very warm water helps relieve the bowel spasm by mechanically relaxing the muscle layer of the bowel.
  • Relaxation of the muscles gives a positive message to the nerves that regulate serotonin production. As a temporary measure, this often helps reduce the symptoms of IBS, giving the body and mind a welcome break from its niggling symptoms.
  • This in combination with proper chewing, small warm meals and more specifically dietary measures, brings relief from IBS much faster than dietary measures alone.
  • Mechanical removal of allergy triggers from the bowel helps calm down the inflamed nerve endings, regulating serotonin production and relieving the symptoms of chronic diarrhoea.

Healthy Lifestyle 

  • Many people, seeing how much waste their bodies are able to store, are amazed. 
  • They decide there and then to change their diet for the better, chew food more thoroughly, drink water, to exercise more and never again let their body collect so much rubbish!! 

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