Friday, 5 May 2017

Drink more water with The BIBO water filter

Throw away your kettle & claim back your fridge with the New BIBO Bar

Bibo comes in eight different colours, ranging from standard tones to those which are much more wacky and vibrant.  It cost about £78 to fit but if you have a handy man around then it is a very simple job.  It connects directly onto the water supply under your sink.  A small hole needs to be drilled into the work surface no larger than a pencil so it is very discreet. 

The Bibo encourages you and the family to drink more water and it is great for having instant boiling water so you can say goodbye to your kettle and I also use it for filling saucepans for cooking. 
We’ve also been using the Bibo to fill our flasks and hot water bottles, and water bottles before going out, so I no longer waste money on buying bottled water anywhere ever again!
I absolutely love it and think it is worth every penny.  I bought the BIBO classic which was £493 plus I pay about £69 per year for filter change.  They also offer an option to rent which you could then try before you buy? There is another option out there which is called Virgin Pure.  This is also a fantastic machine, very similar but you pay instalments of about £25.00 per month which will include filters and maintenance.  I just decided that I would rather pay for the filter outright and not have monthly payments for ever more.  My partner has the Virgin Pure filter which is also an excellent piece of kit!
Check out the Bibo's website for all the information.

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